I love to make stuff and have most of my memorable life.


In 3rd grade after the class finished reading through some short stories we were asked to draw movie posters for them and it was that day Mrs. Taylor told me should be a graphic designer. That spectacularly odd term never left me.

In 5th grade, rap had begun it’s conquest of the world. I would go on to become the kid in class everyone asked to draw their name in graffiti. Big goofy round, puffy letters decorated with whoever's favorite whatever.

In middle school was often asked draw on friends' 3-ring binders — most often their favorite band logos, sometimes using the desks as sketchpads to refine my ideas. I even had the great pleasure of winning the cover design competition for the schools first magazine.

I went on to graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University's Communication Arts & Design department but not before considering interior design and first majoring in photography. However as much as I love photography it wasn’t peering through the viewfinder, hours huddled around the enlarger in the dark room or debating the nuances of negatives and prints that fascinated me but instead in Typography and Visual Communication classes discussing form, line, intent, hierarchy, color, and all of the other sorts of ingredients that when properly baked make effective, evocative messages.

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