I am a designer and an artist and have been most of my memorable life. In 2nd grade remember not being able to wait for our free time so I could get a hold of a couple of colored pencils and begin scribbling away. If I remember correctly it was the end of that year where we began to learn cursive.

In third grade remember after the class read through a couple of short stories being given the assignment to draw movie posters for them and it was that day — I remember so clearly — was told I should be a graphic designer. That spectacularly odd term never left me.

Come 5th grade it was the late 80’s and rap had begun it’s conquest of the world. I would go on to become the kid in class everyone asked to draw their name in ‘graffiti’. Big goofy round, puffy letters decorated with whoever’s favorite colors or flowers or spikes.

When in middle school, after moving to a different part of the county became the kid would was tasked with recreating everyone's favorite Heavy Metal logo on their 3-ring binders, sometimes using the desk as a sketchpad before moving onto the canvas binder covers.

I went on to graduate from VCU’s Communication Arts & Design department but not before considering interior design and first majoring in photography. As much as I loved photography it wasn’t peering through a magnifying class debating the nuances of negatives and prints where I was the most comfortable but instead in Typography and Visual Communications classes discussing form, line, intent, hierarchy, color, and all of the other sorts of ingredients that when properly baked make effective, evocative messages.

I began my career at Greenfield Belser — famous for having designedthe Nutrition Facts food label and world leader in law firm branding — where I co-produced the company retrospective 25 Years of Legal Branding.

I'd love to hear all about you and what you're up to and what motivates you.